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Biyernes, Hulyo 26, 2013

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Dragon City Cheat - Ultimate All Dragon Hack & Habitat Hack [July 27]

Thanks to : Superdrak

  • Dragon ID list.txt [ Link 1 | Link 2 ] =4shared
  • Habitat ID list.txt [ Link 1 | Link 2 ] =4shared
  • Dragon City Ultimate Hack drack.rar Link 1 | Link 2 ] =thefileuploading
How to:

If you are encounter error while downloading ,cant download  or something click >> HERE << to fix the errors so you can download the file = CLICK HERE

How to use :
1. Download the three needed tools above

2. Open and Extract the drack.rar that you downloaded above.[Extract file useing WinRar]
3. After you extract the drack.rar open the "hack.exe" and put your Facebook ID and UserKey.
4. Open dragon City and get your "UserKey"

How To find your UserKey:
Go to dragon city and click free gifts then right click and choose "View frame source"..see the image below

After you click the  "View frame source" new tab will appear and press Ctrl+F [Shortcut key of Find]
Then type sessionID..Now you see your sessionID copy the session id and put it to your "UserKey"... See the Image below

5. Cheat for Dragon: click the "Get Dragon" and you just need to fill the field with a dragon id.
6. Open the Dragon ID list.txt that you downloaded above to see the list of Dragon ID.
7. Buy habitat: click the "Buy Habitat" and you just need to fill the field with habitat id.
8. Open the Habitat ID list.txt that you downloaded above to see the list of Habitat ID.
Delete habitat: You just need to fill the field with habitat that you want to remove. (if you have to habitat of this one, it will take the first)
This option will be usefull for people who enter bad habitat id, some habitats can't be deleted like dungeon habitat.... With this, you will be able to delete them.

[Note: If you get the uid_already defined error, just retry, the id is randomly generated, so the next will be different. If you encounter DragonCity error loading just try to "Clear browsing data" if it doesn't working you must wait few minutes and reload your DragonCity.]

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