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Lunes, Agosto 5, 2013

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Dragon City Cheat - Ultimate Gem Hack [August 5]

thanks to: SUPERDRAC

  • Dragon City Ultimate GEM Hack.rar Link 1 | Link 2 ] 
How to:

-Don't change the gem value to 100 above
-Work Only in Windows XP
-You need to have an Stadium arena
-You need to have dragon in your pvp team
-It will increase the time until your next arena battle
-Max amount of gems it can be add in one time: 10, 000

How to use :

1. Download the Dragon City Ultimate GEM Hack.rar Link 1 | Link 2 ] 
2. Open Dragon City and wait it load
3. Extract the DragonCityGemsHack.rar that you downloaded above and open the DragonCityGemsHack.exe
3. Put your Facebook ID and Userkey and click "Gem Hack" [Don't change the gem value above 100 or you will get bug..]
4. Please don't abuse it.

How To find your UserKey:
Go to dragon city and click free gifts then right click and choose "View frame source"..see the image below

After you click the  "View frame source" new tab will appear and press Ctrl+F [Shortcut key of Find]
Then type sessionID..Now you see your sessionID copy the session id and put it to your "UserKey"... See the Image below

Before Cheat

After Cheat

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